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last updated:07/05/2015 @ 12:18 pm
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Vacancies for professional roles within the Faculty, jobs in occupational medicine and in the Faculty office are advertised here when available.

Board: There are currently no Board vacancies.

Committee and key appointments:

We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

Quality Improvement strategy working group and Deputy Director

The Faculty is keen to develop a strategy strengthening its role in supporting and promoting high standards and quality improvement in Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine.

We are keen to approach this in a systematic way and are therefore looking to support the Director of Quality Improvement (Dr Simon Sheard) in taking the QI agenda forward by making a number of Faculty appointments.

ROLE 1: Deputy Director of Quality Improvement – to be the main support to the Director in developing actions on quality improvement work streams.

ROLE 2: Member(s) of a new Quality Improvement Strategy Working Group – a small (short-term) working group to lead on the development of a Faculty 5 year strategic plan on quality improvement.

Please read the role profile for these vacancies via the links above, before submitting your application to Frances Quinn (frances.quinn@fom.ac.uk)

Deadline for applications: 10 00 am on Monday 1 June 2015

Deputy Chief Examiner Part 2 MFOM

This Deputy Chief Examiner’s role is to support the Chief Examiner to ensure the proper conduct of the Part 2 MFOM examination. The examination currently runs once every eight months.

The current Deputy Chief Examiner, Dr Shaun Austin, has been successfully appointed to the role of Chief Examiner.

For more information about the role and details of how to apply, please read the background to the role before submitting your application to exams@fom.ac.uk.

Deadline for applications: 5 00 pm on Wednesday 8 June 2015


Officers: There are currently no Officer vacancies.

Faculty staff: There are currently no staff vacancies.

External representation: There are currently no vacancies for Faculty members to act as representatives on external committees, etc.

SEQOHS assessors: Full details of these roles are available on the SEQOHS website.

Training posts: There are currently no training posts that we are aware of.