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Board and other key appointments


Dr Rae Chang has been nominated unopposed to fill the vacancy for the trainee representative on the Board until the Annual General Meeting in 2015.  Rae is an StR based in Southampton working for NATS.

Key appointments

We are pleased to announce that Dr Simon Sheard has been appointed to the new role of Director of Quality Improvement, the main purpose of which is to provide clinical leadership and co-ordination for the Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s quality improvement work in occupational medicine and occupational health, in particular the SEQOHS accreditation scheme and the Health and Work Development Unit.  Group Captain David McLoughlin has been appointed as Director of Assessment.  He will take up the role with effect from 4 October, and in the meantime will be working with the current Director of Assessment, on a handover.  Both these appointments are for an initial three-year term.

Our thanks go to Hazem Gallagher-Alagha, who has completed his term on the Board as the trainee representative, and to Dil Sen, for his work as Director of Assessment over a period of six years.

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