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last updated:24/10/2014 @ 1:50 pm
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New Faculty Board members

Dr Aidan Challen has been co-opted to the new post on the Faculty Board for an Associate.  The aim of this new Board post is to improve engagement with, and support for, Associates.  Dr Challen is a self-employed occupational physician based in Cambridge.  His co-option is for an initial period of two years.

Dr Michael Lambert has been co-opted as the representative of affiliating Diplomates on the Board to fill the casual vacancy, created by Dr Jim McLaren’s resignation, until the Annual General Meeting in 2015.  Dr Lambert is a GP in a practice in Winchester and has been involved developing plans with Dr McLaren for support services for GP Diplomates.

We would like to thank Jim McLaren for his work supporting Diplomates during his time on the Board, which has included a survey of potential services for Diplomates and the setting up of the first Diplomate group meeting in Glasgow.

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