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GMC small specialty review of occupational medicine

During 2011-12 the GMC conducted Small Specialty Thematic Reviews of Occupational Medicine, Paediatric Cardiology and Medical Psychotherapy. The review of Occupational Medicine looked at medical education and training within the specialty and how the stakeholders work together to assure the quality of the training. The GMC spoke to Faculty Officers, the Regional Specialty Advisers, representatives from two deaneries, the lead dean for the specialty, as well as a cross section of trainees, and recently qualified specialists.

Reassuringly, the outcome was that there were no concerns relating to patient safety; no important shortfalls in educational supervision; no areas of non-compliance with GMC training standards; and several areas of good practice. 

This quality assurance report has now been published; it contains the Faculty Action Plan in response to the document in Annex C  and a more detailed commentary from the Faculty from page 45 onwards. 

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