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last updated:07/12/2016 @ 4:42 pm
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HAVS directory – clarification of eligibility

Last year we announced that we will be launching a directory for HAVS certified doctors and nurses on the Faculty’s website.  The purpose of the directory is to assist commissioners of HAVS services to identify suitably qualified people, as well as the region(s) in which they work and contact information.

The directory page will also include links to relevant regulatory information, particularly the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance on HAVS assessments, so that employers are able to understand what level of assessment may be required and which health professional is best qualified to undertake that assessment.

If you are a doctor or nurse who has passed the HAVS exam at a FOM accredited course centre (for list of approved courses please see the HAVS section of the website) then you are entitled to join the directory. There is no requirement for you to have previously purchased a FOM HAVS certificate (pre 2014) for your name to appear on the list. 

In order to verify whether you fulfil the criteria, you will need to complete the HAVS website listing form and submit verification of your HAVS qualification to exams@fom.ac.uk.  Possible verification information includes:

–    Faculty of Occupational Medicine HAVS certificate, or
–    Pass letter from FOM-accredited course centre, or
–    Receipt of payment for Faculty of Occupational Medicine HAVS certificate

Thank you to those of you who have already submitted your website listing form; if we are having trouble verifying your HAVS qualification, we will be in contact shortly by email to request that you provide appropriate documents.

If you know of colleagues, particularly nurses, (who may not see this notice) who have passed the HAVS exam at a FOM accredited course centre, please pass this on to them so that they can join the directory should they wish to.

If you teach or lecture on a FOM accredited HAVS course but have not passed the exam, we are happy to add your name to a separate list appearing within the explanation of the directory.

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