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last updated:07/12/2016 @ 4:44 pm
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HAVS directory on Faculty website

The Faculty is launching a HAVS directory, a list of those who have been awarded the Faculty HAVS certificate.  The purpose of the directory is to assist commissioners of HAVS services to identify suitably qualified people.

The directory will be going live on the Faculty’s website in the next couple of months.  Commissioners of HAVS assessments will be able to identify accredited specialists and the region(s) in which those specialists work, as well as email contact information.

Only those who have the Faculty HAVS certificate are eligible to appear on the directory. If you would like to appear on the directory, please complete the HAVS website listing form and return it by email to exams@fom.ac.uk.

Alternatively, if you know of colleagues, particularly nurses, (who may not see this notice) who have the Faculty HAVS certificate, please pass this on to them so that they can join the directory should they wish to.

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