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Hidden disabilities conference – 10 December 2013 in Manchester

The programme for the the Faculty’s December conference, to be held on Manchester on ‘Hidden disabilities in the workplace‘ has now been finalised.

This conference will take an in-depth look at lesser known conditions that affect people in the workplace, featuring presentations from a range of eminent speakers, including: Professor Else Guthrie on medically unexplained symptoms; Professor Cary Cooper on organisational psychology; Nicola Newman on dyslexia; and Dr Owen Bowden-Jones, Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, sharing his wealth of experience on mental health difficulties.

The conference programme has been designed to encourage delegates to participate actively and reflect on areas of practice that they find challenging.  There will be two breakout sessions during the day where delegates will receive case studies and worked examples from other expert presenters, on topics including: cancer; bipolar disorder; alcohol abuse; stress and depression; chronic fatigue syndrome; and diabetes in shift workers.

Bookings can be made online through the website or by completing and returning the booking form via the link above.

The conference is taking place at Manchester Conference Centre, Weston Building, Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3BB.

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