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last updated:05/11/2014 @ 10:49 am
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From the President: thank you to Nicky Coates

By now you will have seen that our Faculty Chief Executive, Nicky Coates has indicated that she will be moving on to pastures new over the next few months.

It is probably overdue that we thank her and recognise her contribution.  Nicky has steered the Faculty through many challenges to a number of significant achievements over recent years – few realise the difficulties faced in running a charitable organisation, where large parts of the delivery are dependent on the discretionary efforts of a volunteer workforce.

Nicky was appointed as interim Chief Executive (part-time, 3 days a week) in January 2005 and then interviewed for and successfully took on the full-time role later that year. With her drive and ‘can-do’ attitude Nicky has helped several Presidents and many more Officers deliver the Faculty’s objectives.  She has always worked tirelessly to enhance our reputation, being active on the front line, manning stands at important meetings and raising our profile with articles in key publications.

She has developed our communications with the e-newsletters, our relationships with key stakeholders, and managed the upheaval of the move from St Andrew’s Place. I have seen her work first-hand as she liaised with the RCP on SEQOHS issues, and the Society on appraisal and revalidation.

I have particularly welcomed the work Nicky has done (with Hilary Todd) to cement the strong relationship we have with the Society of Occupational Medicine.

For these and much more – thank you Nicky.

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