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Guidance on Confidentiality

On 28 September 2009 the General Medical Council (GMC) published new Guidance on Confidentiality, which came into force on 12 October 2009. The document replaces previous guidance issued in 2004.

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine has published a revision to articles 3.37 – 3.40 of its Guidance on Ethics for Occupational Physicians (2006) in the light of the amended GMC guidance. To supplement the revised guidance a series of questions and answers has been produced by the Faculty Ethics Committee. These do not have the status of a Faculty publication but are indicative of some of the enquiries individual committee members have received since October 2009. The answers represent the consensus view of the committee

Revision to articles 3.37 – 3.40 of Guidance on Ethics for Occupational Physicians (2006)
GMC revised guidance on confidentiality – questions & answers
GMC website – new guidance on confidentiality

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