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last updated:07/05/2013 @ 10:35 am
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HSE response to RIDDOR consultees

The Health and Safety Executive has recently completed a consultation, Proposals to Revise the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences  Regulations 1995 (as amended) (RIDDOR ‘95).

The consultation was launched to research industry response to proposals to simplify the procedures for reporting accidents and dangerous occurrences in the workplace, potentially removing the obligation to report certain workplace accidents.  When the consultation was announced, the Faculty had serious reservations about removing the reporting requirement for cases of occupational disease, and specifically counselled against this proposal.

In light of the extensive and vociferous industry feedback to the consultation, the HSE has now modified its proposed amendments to RIDDOR, recommending that companies should still be obligated to report workplace occurrences of six key industrial diseases, representing over 90% of those which are currently reported.

The Faculty is delighted that the HSE has taken into account the advice of industry professionals in modifying its proposed amendments. The Faculty strives to promote good practice in occupational health, and will endeavour to advise against any proposals which could diminish the protection of employee health in the workplace.

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