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Message from the Trainee Representative, Dr Hazem Gallagher-Alagha

I am currently trainee representative on the Faculty Board. I have been passionate about improving communication between the Faculty and trainees, since I started my training in 2008.

As your representative, I am happy to discuss any issues in confidence, either through e-mail: hazemalagha@hotmail.com or telephone 07775 672363. So please do not hesitate to contact me.

In this edition I want to focus on the benefits trainees receive from the FOM and introduce the new team of staff looking after your training from registration to CCT. In addition, my training is due to end in 2012 and therefore the Faculty will be seeking a new trainee representative to take over in May 2012, more details are below.

Although trainees are not full Members of the FOM, they do receive the same benefits as full members:

  • Access to all relevant Faculty documents via the Faculty’s website
  • Regular updates on occupational health and medicine issues, through our electronic newsletter
  • A comprehensive review of the Faculty’s work and plans, through the Annual Report
  • Access to the members’ area on the Faculty website
  • Eligibility for the annual Wilf Howe Memorial Prize awarded for an innovation in the workplace
  • Advance notice of new publications
  • A discounted price for new publications
  • Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM). (OEM is an international peer reviewed journal concerned with areas of current importance in occupational medicine and environmental health issues throughout the world, which the Faculty has adopted as its official journal. It is recommended reading for all trainees)
  • Invitation to meetings organised by the Faculty
  • Attending and voting at the Annual General Meeting in May of each year
  • Participation in the election of the Trainee Representative on the Faculty Board and the opportunity to participate in other ways

Following the departure of some members of the Education and Training team to pastures new, the Faculty recruited three new members of staff over the summer, their names, roles and contact details are outlined below.


Please remember that staff are happy to help you and should be easily reachable.

Finally, I will be the trainee representative until May 2012; I do not anticipate standing again, as my training is due to end later in 2012. The Faculty will be seeking to recruit a new trainee representative on the Board and the position will be advertised in January 2012. If you would like to learn more about the role, you are welcome to contact me.

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