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Obituary – Sir Donald Acheson

It is with sadness that we note the recent death of Sir Donald Acheson, a long-standing Fellow of the Faculty.

Donald was best known for his work as Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health, and in particular for his leadership in managing HIV/AIDS when it first emerged as a threat to public health. However, there were many other facets to his work, including several that impacted importantly on occupational health. When Director of the Oxford Cancer Registry, he was the first to establish the hazard of sinonasal cancer in furniture makers (hardwood dust) and in boot and shoe manufacturers (dust from vegetable-tanned leather). He also carried out important epidemiological research on the carcinogenicity of formaldehyde, asbestos, man-made mineral fibres, styrene and phenoxy herbicides. And he produced an influential report on control limits for asbestos in the workplace.

We can be justly proud of his association with the Faculty.

David Coggon

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