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Part 2 MFOM Examination: advice to candidates

The Part 2 MFOM examination was introduced in 2010 and is an exit examination, designed to test some of the competencies set out in the OM curriculum. The standard expected is that of a specialist in occupational medicine capable of independent practice. The various components of the examination are designed to test as follows:
• MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) paper: primarily a test of factual knowledge, with some testing the ability to apply knowledge

  • • MEQ (Modified Essay Question) paper: a test of the ability to apply factual knowledge
  • • OSPE (Observed structured practical examination): a test of clinical skills and clinical competencies including communication skills.

The second diet of the Part 2 MFOM examination was held in June 2011 in Sheffield. Exactly 50% of the candidates were successful overall. Feedback from the examiners on the candidates’ performance has highlighted some areas where the candidates in general performed poorly and we thought it would be helpful to alert future candidates to this.
The main areas of poor performance were;

  • Modified Essay Questions

Some sections of the MEQ were answered poorly; in particular, the clinical question on Myasthenia Gravis and the question on health and safety legislation.

  • Objective Structured and Physical Examination: skills in the Short Cases

The fact that the clinical examination section of the OSPE examination, and short cases in particular, were not done well concerned the examiners, the Chief Examiners and Director of Assessment. Clinical examination techniques overall was the main area of weakness identified. Since this examination is an exit examination, consideration needs to be given by educational supervisors and others to enhanced training in this area, possibly as elements in workplace based assessments (WBAs).

  • Photographic Material (part of the OSPE)

Occupational hygiene is an important part of the OM curriculum and is tested in the photographic section. Candidates need to ensure that they give sufficient time to this important topic during their examination preparations.
In summary, therefore, candidates for the next examination are strongly advised that they are well practised and competent in these important areas, as identified in the OM curriculum.

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