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Update on the 2017/19 CQUIN

CQUIN stands for commissioning for quality and innovation. The system was introduced in 2009 to make a proportion of healthcare providers’ income conditional on demonstrating improvements in quality and innovation in specified areas of patient care.

Last year, NHS England announced that the 2016/17 CQUIN would encourage providers to improve their role as an employer in looking after employees’ health and wellbeing. Providers had two options:

  • Achieve an improvement of 5% compared to 2015 staff survey results for three questions in the NHS Annual Staff Survey relating to employer proactivity, MSK issues and stress, or
  • Introduce health and wellbeing initiatives covering physical activity, mental health and improving access to physiotherapy for people with MSK issues.

The 2017/19 CQUIN seeks to build upon the initiatives already implemented, requiring providers achieve a 5% improvement on NHS Annual Staff Survey results, with the 2015 survey as the 2017/18 baseline and the 2016 survey as the 2018/19 baseline.

I am delighted to see the continued emphasis on staff health and wellbeing within CQUIN, and particularly the focus on improving standards year-on-year. As FOM President Richard Heron said last year:

“When it comes to healthcare staff, we need the healthiest, most productive, most motivated workforce possible. The best employers already realise the performance and value they get from an engaged healthy workforce.

“Our hard-working healthcare staff deserve better healthcare support in their own workplaces. When doctors, nurses and allied health professionals are sick they need rapid access to the right support – for their own health and the health of their patients. This includes access to trusted occupational health services that care for the health of health professionals.”

For a thorough look at the 2017/19 CQUIN Indicators, please see the NHS England website.

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