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last updated:06/02/2012 @ 10:36 am
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Update on the Health and Social Care Bill

The Faculty continues to work with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to seek changes in the Health and Social Care Bill as it reaches the Report stage in the House of Lords on 8 February. Some colleges have recently stated that they do not support the Bill and the Royal College of General Practitioners today has called for total withdrawal of the Bill.

Our President has been engaged with meetings of the Academy and with other professional groups. The key concerns which the Academy continues to highlight to Government are the threat to integrated patient care, the importance of the Secretary of State’s responsibility to provide health care for all and the need to maintain education and training as part of a comprehensive health service. The President would welcome the views of the membership and so if you wish to make any points about the Bill please email: president@fom.ac.uk.

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