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last updated:02/04/2015 @ 12:12 pm
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New route to Associateship of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine

Associates of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine are recognised as a key part of the occupational medicine workforce. Following the changes to specialty qualifications which came into force in 2010, the Faculty has been considering how to create a new route into Associateship.

The Faculty has become increasingly aware that there is a need for this, in order to strengthen the occupational medicine workforce, as well as a demand from doctors who are looking to enhance their competence and qualifications, but who are not able to commit to full specialty training.

The Faculty is therefore pleased to announce that there is now a new professional pathway for doctors working in occupational medicine.  Doctors who meet certain requirements, which include having gained the Diploma in Occupational Medicine, and having worked in occupational medicine for at least one year, are eligible to take the Part 2 Membership* examination.  Passing this examination, together with the prerequisites, will confer on doctors Associateship of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, and the postnominal letters: AFOM.

For those doctors who wish to proceed further with qualifications, the AFOM could then be used as one of the building blocks for an application for entry to the GMC specialist register via the CESR (Certificate of Equivalence for Specialist Registration) route.

Further information and the regulations can be found in the examinations section of the website.

*Passing the Part 2 Membership examination leads to full Membership of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine only for those doctors who have also successfully completed all the requirements of the full four year specialty training programme, as approved by the GMC.

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