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National School of Occupational Health

Today sees the launch of the new National School of Occupational Health, which will provide a focal point for supporting training in the specialty, unite current trainees, attract new doctors to the specialty, and promote a more effective and supportive model of training for the future; this in turn should help to raise the profile of occupational medicine and ensure the future of the specialty.

About the National School of Occupational Health (NSOH)

Vision: To ensure world class training and education in occupational medicine and occupational health to sustain and develop an occupational health workforce for the benefit of working people.

Philosophy: The health, fitness and prosperity of working people requires equitable and timely access to suitably trained occupational health professionals capable of promoting health, wellbeing and employability.

Mission: To be a national leader promoting excellence and innovation in occupational health training.

Values: Innovative, Collaborative, Driving excellence & quality.

In order to achieve the vision that drives the School, we will:

  • maximise the opportunities of the rich variety of workplace settings to deliver the national occupational medicine curriculum optimally;
  • promote a community of learning where trainers and trainees work collectively to achieve the aims of the School;
  • achieve excellence in training and education through cross-boundary working and stakeholder engagement to meet ever challenging requirements for the delivery of training and the acquisition of competencies;
  • maximise the use of technology to organise training and communicate with members of the School. It will also be used to enhance training where appropriate; and
  • actively promote a culture of equality and diversity awareness and ensure compliance with relevant legislation

“Health Education England (HEE) and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine are collaborating to establish a new National School of Occupational Health. This ground-breaking initiative will support the national agenda for promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace. The school will promote and develop multi-professional training of occupational health practitioners.”

Professor John Harrison, Head of the National School of Occupational Health

We welcome your feedback and any questions you may have; please contact the School support team via NationalSchoolOccHealth@nwl.hee.nhs.uk

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