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CPD Scheme

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) encourages all doctors that work within occupational medicine to participate in its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme. Many consumer groups and medical bodies – including the Department of Health (DoH), the General Medical Council (GMC), and the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges (AoMRC), regard CPD as a professional obligation.

Why should I take part?

Participation is in your own interests for three main reasons:

  • Doctors are required to demonstrate the relevance and value of CPD activity to third parties, such as appraisers and Responsible Officers, in order to retain medical registration with the GMC.
  • Employers are increasingly seeking evidence under systems of clinical governance that their doctors are maintaining and improving their ability to practice. A CPD record represents one form of evidence that FOM Members can present for this purpose.
  • Participation in this scheme offers doctors the opportunity to learn new skills, to reflect on and to improve your practice, to enrich your professional life, and to network with colleagues who work in similar areas.

The FOM CPD scheme conforms to the AoMRC framework for CPD that has been approved by the GMC:

  • This framework has stated that 50 CPD points are required per year (250 per revalidation cycle).
  • Professional Bodies, including the FOM, now place strong emphasis on the nature of the CPD activity itself, for example its relevance to the doctor’s scope of practice, and their develop need/personal development plan.

CPD Online Diary

An electronic CPD Diary is available for Members to record their CPD. This makes recording and summarising CPD and reflection more straightforward; there is no longer a requirement to submit an annual paper summary, or ‘CPD Return’.

The web address for the Faculty’s online CPD diary is

You can request your log in details from:

NB: The CPD year now runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.