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Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance Questions

As the Faculty does not manage any of the doctors with whom it has a prescribed connection there is no way for the Responsible Officer to ensure that there is effective clinical governance in place for the doctors about whom he is responsible for making a revalidation recommendation.  Designated bodies such as NHS Trusts have direct ‘line of sight’ over those revalidating through their Responsible Officer and have clearly publicised clinical governance standards.  This is not the case for the Faculty which is a designated body which does not have any management oversight or indeed influence over the clinical governance of any of its revalidating members.

To address this the Responsible Officer and the Society of Occupational Medicine have worked together to create two questionnaires:

FOM Appraisee Clinical Governance Questions – to be completed by the appraisee and uploaded to PReP.

FOM Appraiser Statutory Questions  – to be completed by the appraiser and e-mailed to

Both of these questionnaires are mandatory supporting documents to be submitted for each annual appraisal.  A guide for the appraisee questionnaire is available as is a letter from the Responsible Officer going into more detail on the questionnaires and why they have been created.

After receiving feedback that it would be useful, the Faculty and Society have created an Appraisal and Revalidation Checklist which can be used by appraisees to ensure that the necessary supporting information and evidence has been included in their portfolio ahead of their appraisal or, alternatively, by the appraiser to ensure that all the elements of the strengthened medical appraisal have been covered before finalising the appraisal and complete the Appraisal Output Form in PReP.  This is offered purely as a tool which may assist practitioners.