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last updated:04/03/2019 @ 11:45 am
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Do I need to revalidate?

Why revalidate?

Revalidation is essential if you wish to retain your licence to practise in the UK.

Engagement with the process will:

  • Indicate your professionalism to colleagues and the public
  • Provide confirmation of your fitness to practise
  • Demonstrate to the public that you are up to date

The Faculty Responsible Officer (RO) and designated bodies

As a designated body, the Faculty has an appointed Responsible Officer (RO). Their role is to make a recommendation to the GMC once every five years. This decision is based on reviewing the documentation (annual appraisals, CPD, 360 feedback) which has been uploaded into PReP. The final decision about whether a doctor maintains their licence is made by the GMC and the role, duties and responsibilities of the RO have been established in both Parliamentary legislation and the by the GMC as the regulator.

The majority of doctors will relate to the RO in the organisation where they are employed, such as within the NHS or Armed Forces. However some doctors, and this includes many occupational physicians who may work with a number of different clients or in single handed practice, will not be able to access an RO within their organisation.

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine is a designated body and therefore provides the RO function to those of its members who do not have another prescribed connection. There is also provision in the regulations for the Faculty RO to provide the function to more than one designated body, which may better suit some smaller organisations.

The Faculty has created a guide for doctors using the Faculty’s RO,  ‘Preparing for Revalidation’’. It covers a wide range of topics relating to revalidation, such as the type of supporting information you should gather, the recommendation statements the RO will make to the GMC and also the timings of the recommendations. Doctors not using the Faculty RO are welcome to read this guidance, although some of it may not be relevant and your RO should issue you with your own specific guidance.

The FOM’s RO can be contacted at ro@fom.ac.uk

The Medical Profession (Responsible Officers) Regulations 2010

The Medical Profession (Responsible Officers) (Amendment) Regulations 2013

Is the Faculty of Occupational Medicine my designated body?

If you are a member of the Faculty the Faculty may be your designated body. Each doctor must determine for themselves who their designated body is. The GMC has developed this online tool to help.

What if I work primarily in occupational medicine but don’t hold a Faculty qualification?

Doctors without a formal Faculty qualification who spend the majority of their practice in occupational medicine may join the Faculty for the purpose of revalidation, please see the Revalidating Subscribers page for more information.

Working overseas

It is important to note that the focus of revalidation is on a doctor’s practice in the UK. Those doctors who practise abroad are under no obligation to maintain their licence to practise in the UK and they should carefully consider whether or not they need to whilst they remain abroad.

When practising abroad, it is possible for a doctor to relinquish their licence to practise in the UK whilst at the same time maintain their registration with the GMC.

If a doctor is to return to work in the UK, it is possible to re-apply for a licence to practise.

If you work abroad and you wish to maintain your licence to practise in the UK, you will need to consider whether or not you can comply with all of the requirements and gather all of the appropriate supporting information. All supporting information, including reports for colleague and patient feedback will need to be in English. Any documents which are translated must be done so by a certified and independent translator. We will ask all those doctors working abroad and relating to our RO to prove how they intend to fulfil the requirements for revalidation and the RO will make a judgement as to whether or not the proposal would be acceptable.

The GMC can give further guidance on doctors working overseas, for further advice, you should call: +44 (0) 161 923 6277.