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Continuing Professional Development

CPD scheme

Faculty of Occupational Medicine

Framework for CPD

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

CPD documents

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

CPD is one element of supporting information for revalidation. The Faculty scheme recommends that you accumulate the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges minimum of 50 CPD points annually or an average of 250 points over a five year cycle. You should ensure that you gain a balance between internal and external CPD activities.

It will be crucial that you undertake CPD which is both relevant and supports your complete scope of practice and most importantly that you take the time to reflect upon and learn from your CPD. The CPD which you choose to undertake should be relevant to achieving the objectives of your Personal Development Plan (PDP). CPD which you record for revalidation should be accompanied by reflective notes.

If you are relating to the Faculty’s RO, you will need to use the Faculty CPD scheme3. The Faculty’s CPD scheme has been updated for revalidation and conforms to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges framework for CPD4. There will be added flexibility of how credits can be accumulated, such as the addition of a new category of CPD for ‘Personal Learning’.

For revalidation, your appraiser may want to have access to the whole of your CPD diary, which will contain evidence of your attendance and reflective learning. You should upload your CPD evidence onto the Faculty’s revalidation management system, PReP. This will be a repository where you will be required to upload all of your supporting information for revalidation. You can read more details about this later in the paper.