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Multi-source Feedback

Once in each five year revalidation cycle – and before their revalidation date – a doctor must collect feedback from colleagues and patients. As not all doctors have clinical work, the exact requirements of this can vary and this is something to be discussed with your appraiser and the Responsible Officer. Colleague feedback can include non-medical colleagues. You will need to ensure that it is completed well in advance of the date that your first revalidation recommendation is due.

The GMC has generic colleague and patient questionnaires available, but the colleague questionnaire in particular is not ideally suited for occupational health practice. In addition, the doctor has to organise the management, collation and reporting of the returns to meet the requirements of the GMC.

The Faculty has therefore developed and piloted a modified colleague questionnaire, based on the validated GMC version. The Faculty’s modified version incorporates a number of changes to the GMC questionnaire to ensure that the questions are more relevant to the practice of occupational health. Several private companies offer a service where they will manage the process of distribution, collation and reporting and the Faculty has established an arrangement with one of them, called CFEP to administer the Faculty colleague questionnaire.

As a designated body, we are not requiring doctors to use only this questionnaire for colleague feedback. However, if you choose to use an alternative feedback tool, it must meet the GMC criteria, as outlined on their website.

Any questions about the operation of the questionnaire should be directed to CFEP as the Faculty has now handed the questionnaire to them to administer.