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University of Glasgow Delphi Study

Colleagues from the University of Glasgow Institute of Health and Wellbeing are undertaking a Delphi Study on the common core competencies of specialist Occupational Physicians.  Please see below a message from Professor Ewan MacDonald and Dr Drushca Lalloo:

Apologies if you have already received and completed this survey. For those who have not, this is a final reminder inviting you to participate in an international Delphi survey on the common core competencies of specialist Occupational Physicians, being conducted by researchers at the University of Glasgow Institute for Health and Wellbeing.
As you are aware, identification of the required competencies is important, to ensure our Occupational Medicine specialty is relevant to the needs of workers. Previous research on this subject has identified the current competencies which should be acquired through specialist training in a number of countries.

We acknowledge the varying roles of Occupational physicians around the world, due to differences in legislation and customer/ workforce needs. However, we are seeking to identify the opinions of specialist occupational physicians internationally about your present priorities with regard to core competencies.
We conducted the first round of the study where we asked participants to RATE principal domain competencies and their subsections. For those who completed questionnaires in that round, we would like to thank you very much for your participation, which has been invaluable in providing international feedback from many countries on this very important subject.

In this second round of the study all specialist Occupational Physicians are welcome to participate, irrespective of whether you participated in round one or not. We have included additional competency items suggested from participants of the first round in the questionnaire and we are asking you on this occasion to RANK the competencies in order of importance using the scale ranges described at the start of each section. Importantly, no two items can be awarded the same score.
We would be most grateful therefore, if you could complete the survey via the email link below which will take approximately 20 minutes.

The results for each country (as well as the overall results) once collated, will be made available through the key contacts disseminating the questionnaires in each country, in order that it can be used to inform and improve specialist training locally.
If you have any questions about this research please contact either:
Professor Ewan B Macdonald – email: ewan.macdonald@glasgow.ac.uk Tel: 0141 330 3559.
Dr Drushca Lalloo – email: drushca@hotmail.com Tel: 0141 330 3559

We thank you very much in advance for your assistance with this exciting piece of work.

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