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last updated:30/09/2014 @ 8:35 am
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Constructing Better Health and SEQOHS announce new collaboration

Constructing Better Health (CBH) and Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS) today announce a new collaboration to improve the accreditation of occupational health services in the construction industry.

Together, the two organisations have established a new approach, which will simplify accreditation for occupational health services in the construction industry. Occupational health services working in construction will be invited to become accredited through SEQOHS; they will be required to meet the standard requirements, but as part of the process will produce construction-specific evidence requirements. Once SEQOHS accredited, occupational health services will then be able also to seek endorsement from CBH.

This means that services in the construction industry will have one accreditation process to undertake, which covers the requirements of both schemes. As a consequence standards across all occupational health services will become more consistent.

CBH operates an accreditation system for occupational health services in the construction industry and SEQOHS manages an industry wide occupational health accreditation system.

Chief Executive of CBH, Michelle Aldous said: ‘CBH’s mission is to improve standards of occupational health in the construction industry.  This is vital work: There are still over 5,000 deaths a year in the UK from disease associated with construction work. It is critically important that occupational health services ensure that risk to the health of construction workers is minimised and that their health is properly monitored.  We see this partnership with SEQOHS as a means of improving standards of services by encouraging more occupational health services to become accredited.’

SEQOHS Clinical Lead, Dr Sally Coomber said: ‘We have been delighted with the response of the occupational health community to SEQOHS since it was launched nearly three years ago.  Approximately 340 services have signed up and 147 are now accredited.  However, we are always trying to improve what we do and to reach out to more services. This initiative with CBH, which will mean SEQOHS can be relevant to the specific demands of occupational health in construction, has been achieved by working in partnership with CBH to share our expertise and experience.’

Occupational health services working in the construction industry are now able to seek SEQOHS accreditation against the construction specific requirements. Services that are not already registered with SEQOHS can sign up in the normal way. Further information is available on the SEQOHS website

Services that are already SEQOHS accredited and who want to add the assessment of construction specific evidence to their schedule of assessment, can do so at the point of annual renewal.

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