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last updated:01/04/2015 @ 9:05 am
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Improved SEQOHS standards launched

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine has launched its revised SEQOHS standards.  SEQOHS was the first standard setting system for occupational health services in the UK and a ground-breaker internationally. SEQOHS – ‘Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service’ – constitutes a set of standards and a voluntary accreditation system for services that meet the standards.

An important change which the Faculty has agreed with the Board of the NHS Health at Work Network is that the NHS standards, previously an extra domain, have been incorporated into the other existing domains, A to F. This has been achieved through their integration into the core standards, or, where more appropriate the specific evidence requirements. Achievement of the NHS requirements will be recognised in the SEQOHS certification.

Other changes include:

  • a new standard requiring systematic audit of clinical practice
  • a requirement that purchasers must be advised of the value of conducting an occupational health needs assessment
  • special guidance for single-handed practitioners

Faculty President Dr Richard Heron said:

“I think we now have a usefully refreshed and very sound set of standards and I am delighted to be presenting them to the occupational health community; to employers and employees; to commissioners of services; and to workers in the UK and beyond, whose health and well-being
the SEQOHS standards are ultimately designed to protect and enhance.”

You can read the press release in full here.

If you are an accredited or registered service and want to know how the introduction of the 2015 standards impacts upon your services, please visit the SEQOHS website.

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