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Appraisals – reminder for doctors revalidating through the Faculty

Faculty members who are revalidating through the Faculty are reminded that we strongly recommend that appraisals are conducted through the quality assured scheme operated by the Society of Occupational Medicine, which meets the criteria for a strengthened medical appraisal for revalidation. Where doctors opt to be appraised through a process other than the Society of Occupational Medicine’s system, it is necessary for the Responsible Officer to make specific enquiries regarding the appointment, indemnity, training, competence and assessment of the proposed appraiser and the suitability of the appraisal process.

Doctors who neither use the Society appraisal system, nor ensure that they are using a system which has been approved by the Faculty RO, may find that their appraisal is regarded as unacceptable for revalidation.

The process of reviewing alternative appraisal systems incurs a fee.  For further information contact: sam.hutchinson@fom.ac.uk.

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