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Colleague Feedback Tool for revalidation

As part of the portfolio of supporting evidence for revalidation, all doctors must provide 360˚/multi-source feedback from patients (where applicable) and colleagues. This needs to be gathered once during the five year revalidation cycle and prior to your revalidation date. The GMC has generic colleague and patient questionnaires available, but the colleague questionnaire in particular is not ideal for occupational health practice.  In addition, the practitioner has to organise the management, collation and reporting of the returns to meet the requirements of the GMC.

The Faculty has developed a modified colleague questionnaire which is based on the validated GMC version. It has teamed up with a company called CFEP, which offers a service to to manage the process of distribution, collation and reporting of the questionnaires. CFEP will also administer the GMC’s patient questionnaire, if required too.

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine Colleague Questionnaire is available via CFEP for all occupational health practitioners irrespective of whether they are revalidating through the Faculty or not. As a designated body, we are not requiring doctors to use only this questionnaire.  However, if you choose to use an alternative feedback tool, please remember that it must meet the GMC criteria as outlined on their website.

CFEP currently charge £79 + VAT to administer the colleague and patient feedback; £49 + VAT to administer the colleague feedback only; and £59 +VAT to administer the patient feedback only.

Any questions about the operation of the questionnaire should be directed to CFEP as the Faculty has now handed the questionnaire to them to administer.

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