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last updated:27/02/2014 @ 11:44 am
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Revalidation: clinical governance questions

If you are revalidating through the Faculty, you will be aware there is a short questionnaire to be completed around clinical governance for the appraisal to be fully signed off.  These questions were created so that the Faculty, as a designated body which
has no management oversight of those revalidating through it, can ensure effective clinical governance is in place. After extensive discussions with the Revalidation Support Team, the SOM QAAS Quality Management Group, and from taking on board valuable feedback, the administration of these questions has now changed.

From 1 March 2014, the Appraisee will fill in a new questionnaire and upload this to their PReP account before their appraisal. The Appraiser will answer some statutory questions and these can be e-mailed directly to the Responsible Officer.

Both of these questionnaires are still mandatory supporting documents and an appraisal cannot be completed until they have been uploaded. A guide for the Appraisee questionnaire is available, as is a letter from the Responsible Officer going into more detail
on the questionnaires and why they have been created, on the Faculty website.

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