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Revalidation to begin on 3 December 2012

As you will be aware by now, the date for the introduction of revalidation has been confirmed by the GMC as Monday 3 December 2012. The Faculty is a designated body and so has a Responsible Officer (RO), Dr David Flower,  whom over 300 Faculty members have signed up to use. 

We have been working hard throughout 2012 to ensure that the Faculty, as a designated body, is ready for revalidation. We thought it would be useful to highlight some of the key areas of work we have undertaken, to get prepared:
• Firstly, we are bound by the RO Regulations and therefore we have had to carefully interpret them and outline in a series of policies how we will carry out our statutory functions. This has been a complex exercise, particularly because we are a membership organisation, rather than a healthcare provider, like most designated bodies.
• We have had to work out a framework for how doctors will revalidate through the Faculty. This included the formal appointment of an RO; ensuring an appropriate appraisal scheme is in place; the drafting of contracts to be sent to each doctor using our RO; and the development of an IT platform.
• We have also developed a framework that will allow designated bodies to contract with the Faculty RO, if they wish to.
• Finally, we will be introducing an on-line CPD diary, during 2013.

David Flower will begin to make revalidation recommendations early next year. The GMC is due to write to all doctors in December 2012 outlining the date by which you will be expected to revalidate.

Getting our framework for revalidation in place has been a major work stream for us this year and has included extensive liaison with the GMC, Revalidation Support Team and other stakeholders. Our framework is now taking shape, ready for next year and beyond. We will be contacting members who are revalidating through the Faculty soon, with a practical document to help you prepare for revalidation. We will also be issuing you with an agreement.

In the meantime, if you have any queries with regard to your revalidation, you are welcome to email: revalidation@fom.ac.uk

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