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Revalidation to start on 3 December 2012

On Friday 19 October 2012, Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt confirmed that revalidation will start on the 3 December 2012.

The Faculty is a designated body in the Responsible Officer (RO) Regulations. Over the last two years in particular, officers and staff have spent time piloting and establishing systems and processes for revalidation. Our Faculty RO, Dr David Flower, will be the RO for over 300 Faculty members and he will begin to make recommendations to the GMC from April next year. We are in the process of finalising  guidance on preparing for revalidation for those doctors relating to our RO. 

The GMC has a comprehensive series of web pages about revalidation, including how to prepare for it: http://www.gmc-uk.org/doctors/revalidation.asp. If you have any questions regarding your revalidation, the GMC also have a helpline: 0161 923 6277. If you still need to relate to an RO and you do not work in a designated body, you are welcome to contact the Faculty for further advice, email:revalidation@fom.ac.uk

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