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Single organisation – Name, mission, vision, values

The Single Organisation Working Group has been busy undertaking work that will inform the final proposal to be voted on by Society and Faculty members after the summer.  This includes undertaking financial modeling, preparing a feasibility study, considering the potential new organisation’s design, governance and membership structure, looking at the legal implications and
doing some initial transition planning.

However, if the two memberships vote in favour of the proposal to create a new single organisation, we will need to be able to articulate its mission and vision to potential members and key stakeholders.  We will need to have a clear idea of what the new organisation’s key functions will be so that we can inform other work such as writing a design brief for the new visual identity.  We will also need to have services in place that will attract potential members to join.

To prepare for the possibility of a ‘yes’ vote, a range of members, potential members and other key stakeholders met recently to do some more detailed thinking around what ‘success’ would look like and to start to define the new overarching vision and mission and the type of culture and values that we would like to see in a new organisation should its formation be agreed.

A paper that outlines the outcome of this day is now available on the single organisation website.  The Single Organisation Working Group is interested to hear members’ and others’ views on the direction of travel of the mission, vision and values.  Are there key activities that you would like to see the new organisation provide on ‘day one’?  If so please let us know.

The name

We are also particularly interested to hear members’ views on the name of the new organisation. The following names have been suggested (three of these were suggested at the workshop):

College of Occupational Health
College of Occupational and Environmental Health
College of Health at Work
College of Health and Work
College of Workplace Health

Please let us know by 9 00 am on Monday 12 May 2014 what you think of the potential names that are suggested.  Email us at: contactus@singleorg.co.uk or join in the discussions on the linked in group.

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