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Single organisation resolution

On 16 September, the Faculty and Society of Occupational Medicine announced the outcome of the membership votes on the resolution to form a new single organisation.  The full results have been published by Electoral Reform Services.   The President has a message for members on the outcome:

“Naturally, I am disappointed that such a majority in favour was not high enough for the resolution to be passed by both organisations.  At the same time, I would like to thank all who voted.  A turnout of ~60% is extremely high in medical membership votes and the fact that 60% of voters said “Yes” in both organisations demonstrates a high degree of member engagement.

Now is a time for reflection, and we really need to spend some time understanding what this result means. I don’t think we’re in a position right away to conclude on that; we need to deeply consider what our members are feeling – what was worrying some members about the proposal, were their worries well founded? How might they be addressed, do they reflect a need for better communication and understanding of the issues at hand?

As your President, I set out clearly a number of priorities in the Faculty’s 2013 Annual Report. Our commitment to reversing the downward trend in the number of trainees, increasing the number of people who are taking our examinations and the number of SEQOHS accredited service providers has not changed.  Indeed I was with the President of the Royal College of Physicians and at Public Health England last week discussing the importance of our specialty for the health and wellbeing of working people, the performance of companies, and the productivity of our nations’ economies.”

If you have any comments about the project, or would like to feed your concerns back to us, please do get in contact by email to president@fom.ac.uk.

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