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Faculty Board vacancies

Members: your opportunity to help shape the future of the Faculty
Nominations are being sought for four elected posts on thie Faculty Board.  The remit for each post is set out in the calling notices listed below, each of which has a link to the relevant application form:

TWO universally elected members:

Dr Julia Smedley will complete two three-year terms at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May, and is therefore unable to seek re-election; Professor Raymond Agius will complete his first three-year term and is thus eligible for re-election.

ONE constituency elected member for Wales:

Dr Mike Tidley completes his first three-year term at the AGM in May 2013 and is eligible for relection.

ONE constituency elected member from affiliating Diplomates:

Dr Brendan Dooris was co-opted to this Board position, when it was introduced in 2011 to recognise the important contribution that diplomates make to the wider practice of occupational health.  With the change in the Faculty’s Articles of Association in May 2012, this role has now become an elected one.  Whilst eligible to stand for election to this role, Dr Dooris has indicated that he will not be doing so.  He is more than happy to discuss the role, informally, with any interested parties, and to provide help and support to the new incumbent as necessary.  To be put in touch with Dr Dooris, plesae email: frances.quinn@fom.ac.uk.   

Members of the Board report that being part of the Board is both interesting and enjoyable, and provides an opportunity to work with colleagues who have diverse roles, to learn about the range and complexity of issues facing occupational medicine and the Faculty, and a great opportunity to influence the future development of the specialty at the highest level.  So do please think of putting your name forward and involving yourself in the running of the Faculty.

Deadline for receipt of nominations for all vacancies: Friday 15 February 2013 9 00 am.

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