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Faculty Quality Improvement agenda – vacancies

The Faculty is keen to develop a strategy strengthening its role in supporting and promoting high standards and quality improvement in Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine.

We are keen to approach this in a systematic way and are therefore looking to support the Director of Quality Improvement (Dr Simon Sheard) in taking the QI agenda forward by making a number of Faculty appointments.

ROLE 1: Deputy Director of Quality Improvement – to be the main support to the Director in developing actions on quality improvement work streams.

ROLE 2: Member(s) of a new Quality Improvement Strategy Working Group – a small (short-term) working group to lead on the development of a Faculty 5 year strategic plan on quality improvement.

The Faculty Board sees this as an extremely important work theme for the next few years. Good quality in Occupational Medicine and clarity around the role of occupational physicians in delivering good quality in Occupational Health in multidisciplinary teams is paramount to the continued development of our medical specialty.

Please do consider getting involved in this work by applying for one of these roles. It is perfectly acceptable to apply for both the Deputy Director of QI role and also membership of the Strategy Working Group at the same time. The Deputy Director of QI role will automatically become a member of the Strategy Working Group. The selection committee will consider all applications together.

If you are keen to take part but are unsure about being able to offer the full time commitment, please do get in contact with the Director of Quality Improvement or the Registrar (Dr Julia Smedley) by email to registrar@fom.ac.uk – we would be pleased to consider applications for the QI Strategy Working Group members for a limited time commitment. We would like to include a range of sector experience and seniority, so would encourage applications from trainees or relatively new FOM Members as well as more experienced colleagues.

To apply for either of these roles, please go to the vacancies page to download the application form.

Deadline: 10 00 am on Monday 1 June 2015


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