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Faculty representatives sought for membership of three time-limited groups

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges is seeking college and faculty representation on three time-limited working groups. If you would like to put your name forward, please email nicky.coates@fom.ac.uk, with a brief explanation of your experience and/or interest in this area. Please reply by noon on 7 March.

If you would like further information first, please email nicky.coates@fom.ac.uk for the first two topics, or rachel.briggs@fom.ac.uk with regard to remediation.

The group’s brief will be to consider the effectiveness of current Government interventions (eg voluntary agreements with retailers) with a view to prompting further action. The group will hope to give a clear view from the medical profession on which are the most effective types of intervention. They will look at what doctors can and should do and also what other levers – eg fiscal – should be brought into play.

The first meeting is fixed for 20 March 10am-12pm in London.

7 day working
The work of this group will follow on from an Academy of Medical Royal Colleges’ report on the benefits of consultant–led care and 7 day consultant presence. The group will be considering how this might be achieved and what would be the implications, not least for the configuration of services.

The group will consider what role colleges/faculties should be playing in any remediation required as an outcome of revalidation. This follows a key recommendation of a report commissioned by the Department of Health on remediation of doctors, which stated that colleges/faculties should produce guidance and provide assessment and specialist input into remediation programmes.

It is expected that although much of the work of the group will be done via email, there will be a number of face to face meetings in London between April and July.

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