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Public health lead

We have been discussing with the Faculty of Public Health the need to strengthen the links between the two disciplines, especially in the light of the new Health and Wellbeing Boards and the clinical commissioning system, and the need to ensure that account is taken of the health and health needs of the working population.  We see great potential in closer collaboration.

We are expecting to involve not only the Faculty of Public Health but also the Association of Directors of Public Health and the Society of Occupational Medicine.  We are proposing initially to have an exploratory meeting to see how public health and occupational medicine might best co-operate.  This will be attended by senior people from both specialties. The outcome might be some joint briefings or training, or an exercise to connect public health and occupational medicine specialists at a local level, or supporting some exemplar collaborations.

It would be helpful to have a FOM member who has an interest and experience in public health, and ideas about how we might work with public health in the new NHS structures, who would help guide FOM in this work, over the next year.

If you would be interested in applying to be FOM’s public health lead, please send an email outlining your experience for, and thoughts on, this role together with a CV to nicky.coates@fom.ac.uk by noon on Monday 20 May.  This would be an honorary role but reasonable expenses would be paid. It would be helpful if you would use the subject title ‘Public health lead’ in your email.

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