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last updated:22/01/2015 @ 12:23 pm
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Vacancy for StR/SpR representative on the Board

Dr Rae-Wen Chang has indicated her intention to step down from this role, which she has held since August 2012, after the  Registrars’ conference in March.  She is happy to discuss the role, in confidence, with any trainee who might be interested in standing for election.  Anyone interested can get in touch with Rae-Wen through the Faculty office.

If you have at least 18 months to go before your anticipated CCT date, then please do think of putting your name forward and involving yourself in the running of the Faculty.  If you are intending to stand, you might like to pencil in your diary the dates of the Board meetings this year: 15 April, 8 July and 13-14 October.

The role of Deputy to the StR Board representative, which is an appointed rather than elected role, will be falling vacant in the near future also.

Please read the further information for more details of the role and how to apply.

Deadline for receipt of nominations: 10 00 am on Wednesday 18 February 2015

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