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About us

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine is a charity committed to improving health at work. It is the professional and educational body for occupational medicine in the UK and seeks to ensure the highest standards in the practice of occupational medicine.

Our Vision

Healthy working lives for all.

Our Position

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine believes everyone of working age has the right to benefit from healthy and rewarding work while not putting themselves or others at unreasonable risk. They have the right to access competent occupational medical advice as part of comprehensive occupational health and safety services, ensuring that they can access the rewards of good employment and avoid preventable injury and illness caused or aggravated by work.

Our Mission

To drive improvement in the health of the working age population through outstanding occupational health capability by developing and supporting the good practice of occupational medicine. To provide public benefit through the protection of people at work by ensuring the highest professional standards of competence, quality and ethical integrity.

Our Values

Collaborative, Authoritative, Relevant, Ethical.

We work in partnership with other occupational health bodies to promote health and work in many ways. Our aim is for healthy working lives through:

The organisation was established in 1978 as a faculty of the Royal College of Physicians but is now an independently constituted body with its own governance, membership and finances.

Our primary functions are:

The Faculty does not: