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The Council

The Council meets four times a year, these meetings are held at the FOM offices in London.

The Council is chaired by the Academic Dean. The membership of Council is as follows:

 Name  Post 
Dr Ira Madan Academic Dean and Chair of Council
Dr Steven Nimmo President
Dr. Rikard Moen Registrar
Gp Capt David Mallett Director of Training
Dr Paul McGovern Director of Examinations
Dr Jenny Dodman Quality Lead in Education and Training
Dr David Fox Responsible Officer for Revalidation
Dr Sue Blair Convenor of FOM Scotland
TBC Convenor of FOM Northern Ireland
TBC Convenor of FOM Wales
TBC Elected representative of Regional Specialty Advisers
Dr Marcus Wong CPD Lead
Dr Aidan Challen Associate Member
Dr Finola Ryan Trainee Representative
Professor Karen Walker-Bone Ex-Officio member (RCP Representative)
TBC Diplomate (Affiliate member)
Ms Louise Craig Chief Executive Officer


Members may wish to contact members of the Council, to seek information or to ask for a topic to be debated by the Council.

To submit your enquiry, please send an email to fom@fom.ac.uk [1]. If your enquiry is for a particular Council member, we would be grateful if you could mark it for their attention.