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Competency Framework

Competencies and teaching materials in occupational health/health and work

The Competency Framework

The Six Competencies

Using the headings of Good Medical Practice, published by the General Medical Council, the working group defined core competencies for undergraduate medical students in the field of occupational health to enable them to understand the links between health and work.

The competencies are:

Competency 1 [1] – Good clinical care: history taking and examination
Competency 2 [2] – Good clinical care: clinical risk management and decision making
Competency 3 [3] – Good clinical care: communication
Competency 4 [4] – Relationships with patients: maintaining trust; professional behaviour
Competency 5 [5] – Relationships with patients: maintaining trust, ethical and legal issues
Competency 6 [6] – Working with colleagues

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The Resources

We have tried to provide a variety of resources to allow for different teaching methods. Each competency page contains:

Some resources also contain: