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Competency 3

Competency 3 – Good clinical care: communication
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Objective – to develop reflective communication between healthcare professionals, employers and employees

Key Messages:
1. Occupational health consultations are subject to medical confidentiality
2. Occupational health physicians have duties to employers as well as employees and the public

Area of competence Knowledge Skills Attitudes

Consultation with employers/managers [2]

Understand the need to explain the difference between occupational health and clinical consultations [3]
Understand confidentiality and the principles of consent [4]
Understand the ethics and constraints of communicating with non-medical personnel and the appropriate contents of an occupational health report [5]

Listen actively
Use appropriate language
Avoid breaches of medical confidentiality
Avoid medico-legally inappropriate communications

Be aware of misconceptions about the role of occupational health professionals [7]
Respect confidentiality [8]


Powerpoint presentations: [9]
Effects of ill health on work
[11]History taking, Fitness for Work [12]