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COVID-19 update: Implications for OH Practice in Relation to Testing for Covid-19


Testing continues in the news as the Test, Track and Trace programme gets underway in England alongside a similar approach in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Across the UK people are considering their response to the very gradual easing of some aspects of the lockdown measures and return to work is part of the national conversation. The Faculty’s Ethics Committee met earlier this week and debated the issues around testing for Covid-19, taking into account the many questions and concerns raised with the FOM by members and key stakeholders.

Following the committee’s deliberations we offer further updated guidance on the implications for Occupational Health practice of testing for COVID- 19:

https://www.fom.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/Testing-update-FOM-04.06.20.pdf [1]


Dr Anne de Bono
President, Faculty of Occupational Medicine