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Supervised Learning Event Pilot II

In line with the national guidance from the GMC and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Workplace Based Assessments Advisory Group (WBAAG) have redesigned and renamed the remaining Workplace Based Assessments (WBAs) as Supervised Learning Events (SLEs).

The key changes to the forms include a linkage to competencies, a redesign of evaluation (marking) areas, elimination of numeric scoring, clarification and expansion of the feedback section, addition of a ‘reflection’ section and the addition of a rubric, intended to give guidance to trainers and trainees on the criteria for scoring. Additionally, the Sheffield Assessment Instrument for Letters (SAIL(OH)) forms have been redesigned and are now known as Assessment of Written Communication (AWC) forms.

All trainees and trainers are asked to participate in a three-month pilot evaluation of the newly proposed SLEs. We are asking trainees and trainers to use these forms in parallel with the current tools, and request that at least one of each of the four new SLE forms is completed during the pilot period.

Please note: You can include the forms in your log book as evidence of participation in the pilot; however, they will not count towards your yearly quota of WBAs required for ARCP, as they are yet to be formally approved by the GMC. The new forms are therefore not currently available on the FOM ePortfolio.

As the pilot draws to a close, we would be extremely grateful for your completion of a role-specific, electronic survey in which we will gather information on the acceptability and utility of the forms. The survey should take a maximum of five minutes to complete, and can be accessed via the hyperlinks below:

Trainees –

Trainers –

Although we recognise the constraints on your time, we’d be very appreciative indeed of your involvement in this pilot. The greater the numbers of trainers and trainees we have involved and the more considered feedback we receive, the better chance we have of making the necessary and most useful changes to the tools.


Mini-CEX (Clinical Evaluation Exercise) Sitting in on, and formally scoring a trainee’s consultation with a patient
Assessor’s guidance Trainee’s guidance Assessment form


Case-based discussion (CBD) Requires trainers and trainees to discuss a selection of cases and trainers to score the trainee’s performance against a pre-specified range of competencies
Assessor’s guidance Trainee’s guidance Assessment form


Assessment of Written Communication (AWC) A tool for assessing the quality of a trainee’s correspondence to managers and health professionals
Assessor’s guidance

Assessor’s guidance

Trainee’s guidance

Trainee’s guidance

Assessment form 1

Assessment form 2


If you have any questions or any points which need further clarification, then please contact the WBAAG Chair, Dr Lucia Batty, via