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FOM seeking new CESR evaluators


  • Doctors who have not undertaken the traditional training route to specialist registration can apply for specialist registration by means of the Certificate of Eligibility of Specialist Registration (CESR). Doctors submit their applications to the General Medical Council (GMC), which sends them to the relevant College or Faculty for evaluation.
  • Two occupational physicians from the Faculty’s CESR evaluation group are assigned to evaluate each application the Faculty of Occupational Medicine receives. They make an independent evaluation of the application and then come to a decision together on the outcome, which is conveyed to the GMC.
  • In practical terms, the teams work remotely. Hard copies of the applications are sent to the evaluators, who then liaise by email and teleconference. The complete evaluation has to be completed within seven weeks.
  • The Faculty has received 2 applications for 2017-2018.
  • This is an honorary post. 5 CPD points are awarded for each completed evaluation.

Current CESR Evaluator Criteria

The appointments will be for three years and, depending on how many new evaluators come forward, each evaluator may be asked to do on average one to two evaluations a year.

Applicants should:

  1. Be a Member or Fellow of the Faculty;
  2. Be licensed and recorded on the GMC Specialist Register as an occupational medicine specialist;
  3. Be available to attend a Faculty and GMC jointly run training session in CESR application evaluation;
  4. Have attended a training course in the supervision of specialist trainees;
  5. Be able to devote 10 – 20 hours to each CESR application (which can run to 1,000 pages) within a period of seven weeks (set by GMC)
  6. Be in good standing with the Faculty i.e. CPD compliant and up to date with subscriptions;
  7. Expect to be involved in at least one evaluation per year

and ideally:

  1. Have experience as a trainer (ES or CS) in specialist occupational medicine training;
  2. Have supervised SpRs/StRs at all stages required for specialist registration;
  3. Have sat on a Deanery/LETB Specialist Training Committee.

If you would like to have an informal discussion about the role and what it entails with FOM’s CESR Chair, Dr Jon Spiro, please contact training@fom.ac.uk for this to be arranged.

To apply, please complete the application form and send it, together with your CV, to recruitment@fom.ac.uk by 9 am on Monday 3 September 2018

Please note that an Assessor Training day will be taking place on 27 September at the FOM office in Greenwich, London.

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