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last updated:20/09/2022 @ 4:20 pm
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Two major roles available at FOM

The Faculty is seeking to appoint two important roles – Deputy Academic Dean and Deputy Director of Examinations.

Deputy Academic Dean
The Deputy Academic Dean will support the Academic Dean who leads on the strategic aspects of specialty training and assessment in occupational medicine, and in all matters relating to the academic standing and activities of the FOM.

Deputy Academic Dean – further details

Deputy Director of Examinations
The Deputy Director of Examinations reports to the Director of Examinations (DoE). Working with them, the Deputy Director of Examinations is responsible for supporting the DoE’s role in co-ordinating the Faculty’s assessment processes and supporting the continuous evaluation and improvement of them.

In addition, the DoE, Deputy DoE and Chief Examiners for each exam ensure that the Faculty examinations are held as advertised, and in accordance with the respective regulations. On a day-to-day basis, examinations are managed and administered by Faculty staff.

Deputy Director of Examinations – further details

Applications and deadline
Applications should be made on the application form and submitted with a CV. They should be returned to recruitment@fom.ac.uk by noon on Monday 10 October 2022.

Application form

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