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Helpful links

ACOEM: American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine [1]

ALAMA: Association of Local Authority Medical Advisors [2]

ANHOPS: Association of NHS Occupational Physicians (Archived) [3]

AOHNP: Association of Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners [4]

AOMRC: Academy of Medical Royal Colleges [5]

BAOT/COT: British Association of Occupational Therapists/College of Occupational Therapists [6]

BLF: British Lung Foundation [7]

BMA: British Medical Association [8]

BOHRF: British Occupational Health Research Foundation [9]

BOHS: British Occupational Hygiene Society [10]

CIEH: Chartered Institute of Environmental Health [11]

CfWH: Council for Work and Health [12]

COEH: Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, Manchester [13]

COHPA: Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association [14]

DH: Department of Health [15]

DVLA: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency [16]

DWP: Department for Work and Pensions [17]

EEF: The Manufacturers’ Organisation [18]

FHMS: Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, University of Surrey [19]

FMLM: Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management [20]

FPH: Faculty of Public Health [21]

FSEM: Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine [22]

GMC: General Medical Council [23]

HPA: Health Protection Agency [24]

HSE: Health & Safety Executive [25]

HSL: Health & Safety Laboratory, Buxton [26]

HWDU: Health and Work Development Unit [27]

Health at Work Network [28]

Healthy Working Lives [29]

HWUK: Healthy Working UK [30]

IET: Institution of Engineering and Technology [31]

IOEM: Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Birmingham [32]

IOM: Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh [33]

IOSH: Institution of Occupational Safety & Health [34]

IEHF: Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors [35]

IRM: Institute of Risk Management   [36]

KCL : King’s College London, School of Biomedical Sciences [37]

MDDUS: Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland [38]

MDU: The Medical Defence Union [39]

MPS: Medical Protection Society [40]

NHS Professionals [41]

Occupational and Environmental Health Directory [42]

Occupational Medicine – the international peer-reviewed journal of the Society of Occupational Medicine [43]

OEM: Occupational and Environmental Medicine – an international peer-reviewed journal adopted by the Faculty as its journal [44]

POOSH: Professional Organisations in Occupational Safety and Health [45]

RCGP: Royal College of General Practitioners [46]

RCN: Royal College of Nursing [47]

RCPEd: Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh [48]

RCPI: Royal College of Physicians of Ireland [49]

RCP: Royal College of Physicians [50]

RCPSG: Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow [51]

RCPysch: Royal College of Psychiatrists [52]

RSC: Royal Society of Chemistry [53]

RSM: Royal Society of Medicine [54]

RSPH: Royal Society for Public Health [55]

SaRS: Safety & Reliability Society [56]

SEQOHS: Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service [57]

SOM: Society of Occupational Medicine [58]