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PReP: e-Portfolio for revalidation

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The Faculty revalidation management system, PReP, has been created by PremierIT. This system allows doctors to iteratively upload their supporting information throughout the year, contains the appraisal input and output forms, generates PDPs, functions as a CPD Diary and more.

It graphically demonstrates how each year’s appraisal is proceeding and allows appraisers and the RO easy access to the relevant supporting information and documents on demand. It also assists Faculty staff in monitoring how all of our doctors are progressing, and to provide support where necessary.

Those who contract with the Faculty will be issued login details to PReP together with access to the relevant user guides. One-to-one telephone and e-mail assistance is also available to all PReP users.

PReP Tips

Your Progress in the Appraisal bar – the progress bar on your home screen shows you what stage in the appraisal process you are up to. When you are preparing for your appraisal, you will need to enter your appraisal details, general information, scope of work, upload your supporting information and set your meeting date. In order to be able to commence the appraisal, you must have the meeting date set, your scope of work entered, supporting information uploaded and a connection to an appraiser. Without these, you will not be able to generate the appraisal input form.

When you have uploaded your information and are ready to start the appraisal, your progress bar will look like this:


[click image to enlarge]

You will notice that the scope of work and supporting information circles are still yellow, indicating they are in progress. This is to enable you to amend your scope of work and add or change supporting information right up until your appraisal, once you send the input form off to your appraiser they are marked as complete and no further changes can be made. Clicking on Input form under the red circle will generate your appraisal input form and start the appraisal process. Once this form is signed off by your appraiser, your PDP is developed in conjunction with your appraiser. Then your appraiser completes the appraisal Output form, which you must sign off before the appraisal is marked as complete.

Once you have completed the appraisal cycle, you will see this screen:


[click image to enlarge]

Appraisee / Appraiser connection in PReP – in the PReP system each doctor should be linked to the Responsible Officer and their appraiser. For enhanced data protection and to ensure each doctor is using an appraiser approved by the Faculty as being of the standard required for revalidation, the Faculty establish the connection between a doctor and their appraiser in PReP. If there are any issues with your appraiser details in PReP, please contact admin@fom.ac.uk as only Faculty staff can update this information.

Appraisal anniversary – this is set by the date of your last appraisal when you log into the system. Once set, your set appraisal anniversary date reminds you when your next appraisal is due. This date differs to your appraisal meeting date. Your appraisal meeting date does not need to be on your appraisal anniversary date, nor will your appraisal meeting date change your appraisal anniversary date.

If you want to change your appraisal anniversary date, email admin@fom.ac.uk with the date you wish to make your appraisal anniversary and Faculty staff will update it for you.

No reflection – no CPD points! – you will notice when uploading a supporting information item there is the option to add reflective notes. Checking this box opens up free text boxes to enter your reflective notes, and also gives you the option to claim CPD credits for the activity. You must reflect on an activity if you want to claim CPD credits for it.

Available events – attending a Faculty conference or event? We’ve made it easier for you to upload this as a supporting information item. Under the My Training tab on the home screen for doctors revalidating through the Faculty and all CPD diary users is the Available Events section. This is currently a list of available Faculty events but will soon include some external Faculty approved CPD activities.

Remember you will still need to do your reflection afterwards to claim the CPD points!

Additional tip: There is no magic number of supporting information items to upload, you should focus on quality over quantity and do your best to provide evidence that effectively demonstrates how you meet the Good Medical Practice guidelines. It is also helpful for your appraiser and the Responsible Officer if you title supporting information items and relevant documents with filenames that appropriately reflect what the document or item is. It will help your appraisal progress smoothly if your appraiser can easily locate a supporting information item, and isn’t overwhelmed by a vast quantity of supporting information items with similar filenames.

Practice space in PReP

Want to experiment with PReP but worried about using your own account?

There is now a space where all those revalidating through the Faculty can practice using PReP without the fear of making a mistake on their own account. This is an unbranded space and it contains some functionality which the Faculty is not using (such as Doctor 360), however it is an area which allows full experimentation in a safe environment. Every night the system database will be wiped clean so as a result no data will be copied or saved overnight.

The URL to access this training environment is training.preprevalidation.co.uk and a user name and password is available from admin@fom.ac.uk. There are a limited number of log-ins but they are reusable.

In addition to the PReP user guides, tailored for doctors and appraisers, there are also helpful eLearning modules available for doctors. These modules take you through the most common tasks you will need to undertake in the PReP system, such as updating your general information, scope of work and qualifications, uploading supporting information, setting your appraisal date and completing the appraisal forms.

The link to these help modules is https://portfolio.fom.ac.uk/help/view/eLearning_for_appraisee

However if you get stuck with anything, don’t hesitate to call the Faculty for support.

For support, please contact us by e-mail on admin@fom.ac.uk