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FOM seeking Deputy Regional Specialty Advisers

FOM is currently recruiting for two Deputy Regional Specialty Advisers (RSA) for East Anglia and KSS East (Kent, Surrey and Sussex).

The main purpose of the Deputy Regional Specialty Advisor role is to assist and support the Regional Specialty Advisor (RSA) to carry out the responsibilities set out below. The RSA is responsible for assisting in the process of specialty training in occupational medicine in the regions, and to represent the Faculty locally.

The Deputy RSA will report to, and work closely with the RSA and will work within the network of RSAs throughout the UK. The RSA and Deputy RSA should report into the Faculty through the Director of Training and the Faculty Training Department.

The Faculty indemnifies RSAs and Deputy RSAs for the performance of their work for the Faculty, as outlined below:

1. Faculty Representation
– RSAs represent the Faculty in their region in all matters related to specialty medical training in occupational medicine. They are therefore expected to have appropriate knowledge of specialty training, and the Faculty’s processes and procedures, and to keep up-to-date with any changes.

2. Principal responsibilities
The Regional Specialty Adviser:
– Advises the Faculty on the process of education and training in occupational medicine in their region, and on any particular problems that the region may be experiencing;
– Is responsible for advising employers on the establishment of training posts should this be needed;
 Advises the Faculty, and through the TPD representative the National School of Occupational Health on the appointment of educational supervisors;
– Provides advice to prospective and current trainees on the training process, and assists with careers fairs and other events where Faculty representation is required;
– Reviews job descriptions and advertisements for Specialty Registrar and NHS Consultant appointments, acts as a member of the Advisory Appointments Committee for StR and Consultant appointments when invited, and reports back to the Faculty;
– The twice yearly RSA meetings of the Faculty should be attended by the RSA and/or the deputy RSA (jointly or alternately), usually held in May and December;
– Should attend (when requested) training post inspection visits;
– Should attend ARCP panels through the NSOH when requested;
– If neighbouring areas are without an RSA then should provide advice as required for this area until an appointment is made.

3. Postgraduate Deanery Specialty Training Committee
– The RSA should be a member of the Local Education and Training Board (LETB) Specialty Training Committee where these exist. In many cases the RSA will also fulfil the role of STC Chair, but must be aware that the Chair of the STC is appointed by the Postgraduate Dean, and is indemnified by the LETB when acting in that capacity. The roles and responsibilities of RSA and STC Chair should not be confused.
– The RSA will assist in monitoring progress of trainees, may be a member of an ARCP panel and will advise generally on the training process.

4. Person specification
Applicants must:
– Be a Member or Fellow of the Faculty;
– Be recorded on the GMC Specialist Register as an occupational physician, with at least three years’ experience as a specialist;
– Be in good standing with the Faculty (paid all fees and subscriptions due from them to the Faculty, signed a declaration of faith and complied with the minimum requirements of the Faculty’s or other appropriate continuing professional development scheme).

And ideally:
– Have experience as an educational supervisor;
– Have experience of ARCP procedures;
– Have knowledge of NHS and non-NHS OH practice;
– Have done previous work for the Faculty.

5. Other
In cases where a deputy RSA is appointed who does not have experience of the principle responsibilities then they should shadow the RSA in these activities.

6. Expenses
This is an honorary role; any travel and other necessary expenses incurred in travelling to meetings and carrying out the role will be reimbursed in accordance with the Faculty’s business travel and expenses policy.

Application forms can be downloaded here. Please apply to training@fom.ac.uk by Monday 17th February 2020.

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