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Associateship (via the Part 2 MFOM examination)

The Part 2 MFOM examination is open to candidates who are not in approved training posts, as a route to becoming an Associate (AFOM) of the Faculty.  Associateship is a mid-level qualification aimed at doctors looking to enhance their training and competencies in occupational medicine, but who are not able to fill an approved training post.

Entry into the Part 2 MFOM examination via this route is subject to specific eligibility criteria.

Candidates must:

Recommended reading list [2]

Examination fees [3]

2022 dates for the Part 2 MFOM are:

Monday, 17th January 2022 (Written – MCQ and Photo Hygiene Papers) – online through our partners TestReach [4]

Tuesday 18th January 2022 (Written – MEQ paper) – online through our partners TestReach [4]

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022 (OSPE) – online via MS Teams

Guidance regarding the written exam can be found here [5]

Guidance regarding the OSPE can be found here [6]

Registration for the January/February exams will open at 9.00am on Tuesday 5th October  2021 and close at 5.00pm on Monday 29th November 2021. Please note that there are limited spaces for these exams and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Only complete applications will be booked successfully.

If you would like to enter into this examination, please log in to the members’ area [7] and follow the ‘Exams’ link. Ensure the application is complete and apply early during the booking period. If places fill-up still apply online as we do our best to meet demand. A ‘waiting list’ allocates places in order of application. Please note that if an examination is not available on the list it means that applications are not open at this time.