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Competency 1

Competency 1 – Good clinical care: history taking and examination 
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Objective – to be competent in the assessment and management of a case which has a significant occupational health component

Key Message – understanding the links between health and work is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of ill health and disease

Area of competence Knowledge Skills Attitudes
Occupational history taking where relevant [2] Be aware of sources of information on hazards of specific occupations [3]
Appreciate the relevance of certain symptoms and their potential link to occupation [4]
Elicit a relevant occupational history, identify and manage problems [5] Recognise and consider the impact of physical and psychosocial factors on both paid and unpaid work capability [6]

ROLE PLAY 1 Needle stick injury [7]
ROLE PLAY 2 Pregnancy and laboratory work
[8]CASE BASED DISCUSSION 3 Train driver and PTSD [9]
CASE BASED DISCUSSION 4 Hazard Information – Material safety data sheets  [10]
CASE BASED DISCUSSION 5 The importance of taking an OH history – the adverse effects of gases [11]
Basic concepts in occupational health – case discussions: 
1. hazards of work – lab technician with cough and upper limb pain 
2. Is it work related ? – hospital porter with low back pain 
3. fitness for work – HIV positive doctor 
Basic concepts in occupational health – tutor’s session plan  [14]

Powerpoint presentations:
An introduction to occupational health – part 1  [15]
[16]An introduction to occupational health – handout
[17]Self help tutorial – taking an occupational history 
[18]Self help tutorial – using an occupational history
[19]Is work making your patients ill – Work and disease 
[20]Effects of Work on Health  [21]
[22]History taking, Fitness for Work  [23]
Basic concepts in occupational health [24]